August 22, 2009


Origami folder at the County Fair, 2009.

Himself: Was the last of the day’s interviews. Thought he had a good interview. Ate all his dinner and enjoyed daughter and granddaughter.

Herself: Wasn’t herself.

Reading: Jan Karon’ first book.

Balance: Bed very early.

Who knows how a bug meanders from one of us to another. One found me. G hadn’t been quite himself earlier in the week, and by yesterday afternoon I wasn’t me either.

Half way home my innards began feeling a bit origamish, and I had G stop at the old Longs Drug Store so I could use their bathroom on the way home. It’s nice to know one’s neighborhood intimately.

So today, I officially eschew the day. I was to tag along with G to estate sale, Balboa Park, dinner with the Feasters, and home while G met to talk with a friend in La Jolla later. Instead, you can find me eating bread and butter with a Jan Karon book or not eating bread and butter with a Karon book.

Either way, I will behave myself and be myself tomorrow.



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