September 11, 2009



Himself: Did all those other things again, plus cut the boxes to 1 3/4 tall. He's having so much fun. Doc visit good, and dinner out at Brian's....low-cal plate again.

Herself: Had a wonderful half piece of Marion B's chocolate cake. Got cards this morning. Not forgetting the victims of the 9/11 attacks in both New York and Washington.

Reading: Number 8 in the Father Tim series.

Balance: Much better this 9/11 than many others.

Photos: Top: 1966 at a love in, Balboa Park. Photo by C. Davis. Bottom: 2004. Embarcadero. Photo by G. Bailey.

Oh, how life changes. Birthday's used to be special things, then with the advent of 9/11, they were something to avoid like the plague. Birthdays used to be drinking days....celebrate with another drink, or three, or eight. Birthdays used to be grateful days.....much like Marion B's day yesterday. Once I gave away rather than took. One year I was selfish and went to London and Paris. Now days I just send prayers out for others and say thank you's.

If I talk, I usually start things off with, "Hi, I am Mage B, and I should be dead....very dead. How silly of my friends to make me the designated driver." Just like my friend MB, today I am very grateful to be alive as well as, "Joyous, happy, and free." Indeed.


  1. A very very happy birthday to you! You do look happy to be alive and kicking. All the best, Mage, in the new year. It's been lovely getting to know you, though abit only online.

  2. You look so contagiously happy, I instinctivily smiled at your big, happy smile in the photo. Happy Birthday to you, Marge!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will keep you posted. These are not very good days.

  4. What a wonderful photo; joyful enough to make every day a celebration. Happy birthday to you.

  5. Thank you all so very much. Hugs to you........

  6. Mage! you have not changed at all!!! really, the same vitality and life! Waiter--I'll have what she's having! some special, potent! well, cheers! have some more! xoxo c!

  7. You always make me smile when I see your face. thank you.

  8. You always make me smile when I see your face. thank you.

  9. Darling, You Look MAAHHHVELOUS! I hope your birthday was fabulous. You certainly made me smile with this entry and this picture, and I am glad you are here, sharing yourself with us.


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