October 23, 2009

Friday Lite

Inlay of mother and daughter in wood panel from an Ocean Liner. PKPro collection. 2009.

Himself: His cold still holding him in thrall, he spent much of his day on the phone on hold, talking to no one, when his Un-check didn’t arrive. Nap.

Herself: No voice. Coughing. Not a happy camper. Regressing.

Reading: Smithsonian Magazine

  • Life all boils down to getting rid of our common cold….tho there seems little common about this one. It’s as if we were stuck on day three for the week.

  • Peter Knego posted fulsome comments about our visit on his Facebook site. I for one was just as delighted to be there immersed in his wonderful things. I discovered yesterday that you can see a ship by ship historic roster on his web site on his Mid-ShipCentury Ship Index Because of my head cold, I had to do some research for yesterday’s post. Here were the answers.

  • Staying out of your children’s lives unless asked is the best thing I can do. I did ask for my grandmother’s Shaker rocker back “on loan” as Lenora is packing to move north. It went through the fire when the Garrison house burned, and over the years has become even more fragile and dry. Just bringing it home, even padded, one of the back supports broke. While Lenora had it, one of the rockers broke. It has no value with all its mends but a sentimental one. How to rehydrate a dried out chair is the next job.

  • I’m going to work at the shop today. Way in the back room, in a far corner, if I don’t hug anyone or cough on anyone, I should be able to keep the cold to myself. G will be on hold on the phone again all day hoping to find out why his UN check didn’t arrive.

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  1. Sounds like you need more rest, Mage. And more chicken soup and warm lemon laced water to drink. Hope G's efforts to locate the check are successful.


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