October 19, 2009

Small Trades and Memorabilia:

...an email to a friend.

Small Trades in the 21st Century: Red dog, security guard, and a blue cat.

Himself: He’s bounding around.

Herself: Scrap quilting book hasn’t arrived. Ah well. Got through yesterday with only ibuprofen and zinc. Today I feel vastly worse so will try dayquil. Sleeping too.

Reading: Mysteries.

Balance: The quiet.

Dear you......

Thanks for the frank discussion about my socks. Stripes indeed. I do have a giant drawer full of colorful foot casings, and if they weren't all so worn out I'd send you a bushel.

No dancing, no thinking, no art, no nada here today at all on my part. George is wonderful having leapt up the stairs with my coffee and slid off to the pool carrying my apologies. The dentist doesn't want me for my 9 o'clock cleaning, but my crazy friends in LA still want me to visit. G's driving; I'll doze, and if I get enough dozing in maybe I can be a bit properly sociable and appreciative.

Tieuppark for an Ocean Liner memorabilia visitation first. Even as a lump, I'm excited about this. You can find us here until oneish.


Then later in the day, we will head down to Bee’s where we will see all her newest house remodel stuff. (You wouldn't believe it all.) Later we will head to the Getty and see the Penn show.

William Penn: Small Trades....this site offers a slideshow, and I think you will enjoy it.

I be a veg in bed today. Gentle hugs and thoughts from afar..........I’ll be home Wednesday night after a day of crawling around Disneyland and may write Thursday. Luv, Mage


  1. Beautiful post and lovely shot !! Nice post !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

  2. I haven't been to D-Land in ages, and never to california Adventure. I do hope you are feeling better.


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