October 7, 2009

Throwing Out the Baby

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Swapmeet picture, 2009.

Himself: Swam, job hunted and applied for two, boxes, lead a meeting, watched TV, played a little computer game.

Herself: Started dinner in the slow cooker. Biked….I’m lazy at this, I admit. Wrote in my blog, deleted, he brought lunch, deleted, worked on a poem about deleting one’s past, read blogs and bed. Brought home the shaker rocker and cracked the arm with the truck lid. I’m beyond horrified.

Friends: Redoubling my prayers for several friends unheard from and heard from.

Reading: The new Peter S. Beagle book of short stories.

Balance: Sitting comfortably in my own living room.

What’s important. What’s not important. I keep on keeping on with my deleting. Another 10,000 plus jpgs into the trash.

Talking with Bee yesterday morning, I determine to take more calcium tho it upsets my stomach. Her endocrinologist told her most menopausal women do not get enough calcium and vitamin D which causes weight gain tho they don’t alter their exercise or eating.

Delete. That was me. I took my calcium and deleted what was unimportant and unused. Hopefully I left only what will I use here. It’s all backed up on the new backup computer anyway. If I am not going to use it either on an essay, out that image went. I was appalled at the duplications. Whole groups of jpgs saved over and over again.

It’s like parting with a baby to throw these unused and unseen images away, but I did it anyway.


  1. I also have the problem of thousands of pictures taken over three years and Picasa seem to have the habit of duplicating them all. I delete often but I'm not convinced they actually disappear from the computer.

  2. Mage, find it interesting what you say about calcium and vitamin D. What you write about weight gain etc. could really apply to me, since I have also been vegetarian for about 38 years, and, unfortunately, no milk drinker. I'll have to look into it. Thanks.


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