January 2, 2010

A Boiling Sky

Sunset, January 1, 2010.

We did absolutely nothing yesterday.

The sky went from a thin blue, through a few high clouds, to a state of clouds and smoke that gave us a stunning sunset.

As we sat warm and comfortable on Grumpy’s bench seat G suggested, “Maybe there’s a fire somewhere.”

I agreed. We easily lapsed back into a comfortable silence.

Perhaps we had eaten too much bunch at Brian’s. I’d left at least a third of mine behind on the plate and felt victorious about it. Perhaps the beauty of the day quieted any thinking we may have had in the first place. Numbed by ingested cholesterol and fats, we traveled the bay in small jumps, enjoying the views, photographing fragments of the day, and not being stirred up by anything at all.

“I’m bringing a light coat,” he called early in the day as he headed down the stairs.

“I’ll bring the camera,” I said grabbing a coat and my latest book too….a book with a wishy-washy heroine and a secondary heroine who made no effort at all to do anything. It was a perfect fit of a book for our day.

We drove by the historic ships and stopped for a while. One island offered clear views of a sparkling city, the other island offered views of a smoke covered spur of land jutting off into the ocean. We lapsed into comfortable silence unless I poked him to get out and move about a bit with the camera. “No,” he’d say.

Only at day’s end when the sky filled with boiling scarlet were we woken by the passions around us and notice the day had flown.


  1. What a fabulous photo of the sunset - and what a fabulous day! It is so good to have time to do nothing. I remember days of nothing doing when I was very young - and am glad I get to decide on such days now (or let the days decide for me). We all need to have more of it, I think.

  2. Wow you wrote about the same thing that I did only with much more passion and finesse!

  3. Beautiful photo! Ahh!!! You have such an eye for beauty! Your day sounds idyllic.
    Hugs from across the pond, ~ Sil

  4. A great photo. I wish I had been with you to see it.

  5. Fire of whatever was responsible for it. . .made for a stunning sunset, didn't it?

  6. Amazing sunset and your description was lovely.

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