February 9, 2010

Done, Done!!!

Done. He had to keep reinventing the wheel until he had the jet engine. I love his jet engine.

Himself: Feels triumphant. Swam, applied for jobs, got a strong blue dress shirt to go with all his new-used ties, fussed with the spice shelf, and helped herself put away pots, pans, and orts.

Herself: Swam, made appointments, tried to find some Lands End stuff, at 50% off at Sears, bought a new iron, made appointments for Thursday that I now have to cancel, and put stuff away. Managed to duck being the 45 minute speaker to be the five minute speaker. Now if I can remember who I am, it will be a great five minutes.

Reading: Stevenson.

Balance: Moving into the shelves.

From top to bottom:
  • Top drawer: Those are dishcloths. Nice plain cotton cloths that dry things well filling the drawer side to side. Yes, I did get rid of half of them.

  • Oh, look, there is the plastic wrap, the foil, the Ziplock baggies in their infinity of sizes. In the very back are the cupcake paper cups. They too hold something….once they head for the oven.

  • Canned goods. I almost forgot the canned goods drawer. All but the canned asparagus can stand up. Everything in cans we own fits on this shelf.

  • Tupperwear and modern plastic containers with their lids together smiling at me and saying, “use me now that you can find me,” every time I open the drawer. Yes, even years after you lost the little green spike for the lettuce holder, Tupperwear will replace it.

  • Cereals and baking things fit nicely here. Divided by one of IKEA’s little walls, three kinds of sugar can only flirt with the breakfast makings, the baking powder, pancake mix, and the salt.

  • And there on the bottom sit the awkward goodies just waiting. The 1938 toaster that still makes perfect toast every time. The 1938 mixer that has a stronger motor than most newer mixers….with the two bowls and the orange juicer as well as the grapefruit juicer….plus spout. Yes, I have extra beaters, two more sets of bowls, a slicer, a butter churn, a drink mixer, and a mayonaise maker downstairs. That’s all we have ever found. Sometimes I long for a Kitchen Aide, but how much do I use this one. Silly me.

Before: Imagine wrestling the mixer out from behind the upright board every time you wanted to use it. Oh, clang, bang, crash…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! After: You would never know.


  1. Wow! I am super impressed.

    I am keenly interested in your inset on the right of your blog page. Do you mind telling me how you accomplished that?

  2. looks very fancy indeed. and so organised1

  3. Great job. Wish you lived here. I'd hire G. in a minute.

  4. I love it!!!! I hope you cook him his fave dinner -- he deserves it!!!! I am seriously jealous. I want one!!!

  5. After seeing some of the prelim pix on G's OD, I've been waiting for these! I love them. Don't be surprised if Hubby writes you a nasty note for having such a clever G transform your pantry. I'm just itchin' to show what can be accomplished with good planning. He'll probably be mad at you, but wouldn't it great if he surprised me with a newly designed pantry? One with a great spice shelf like yours? Cross your fingers!




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