September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Blog: With Updates: 1, 2, 3, 4

All photographs were taken at the last Festival of Sail in 2008.

Friday: At the store, most of the kids book display was reduced to orts. I replaced it with Sci Fi….which I don’t think will sell. During the day I sorted the mysteries at home. G was in fragments and I was reduced to caretaking after a Filipe’s dinner. He called his boss and found out the trick….don’t open things you aren’t going to work on. Ah. He worked 0630 till 2200. New rules, on the road 4 hours a day; work at home 4 hours a day. I read.

Saturday: Got up late. He’s much more relaxed. Oh the guilt of a donut. Two really moldy estate sales. I found the last White House era cookbook I didn’t own….the Kennedy one. He’s cleaning his car which was beyond dirty then he’s off to the museum. I cut quilt pieces, let Stouffer’s make macaroni and cheese, read till bed.

Sunday: Up really late for us…nine hours of sleep. We watched CBS Sunday morning while skimming a worthless Sunday paper that our neighbor uses to line her cat boxes with, and now a mini blog entry. Eldest Daughter came down, and we had a great short visit. Lunch, errands…..and to the mall. Us. I laughed. The kiosks that sewed logos on hats is gone, but we found another place downtown that will do it. G’s work cap is too small. Ordered shoes for G. The owner of Target has apologized, so we got to go to Target and replaced a pair of wrong sized work pants there too. Dinner with D, got her my sick Tarot cards, and heard a speaker. My hip went out getting out of the car. Agony.

Monday: Didn’t sleep well. Actually, I was cold mixed with pain. Talked with Bee, now gently getting ready to go see ships. I can barely move, so who knows what I will be able to shoot in the grey of a very thick marine layer. Our friends arrived, I took two Aleeve...after reading the instructions, and we had a grand time looking at the ships in partial sunshine. Home after lunch to nap, read, play computer games and read blogs before a grilled cheese with cold slaw. Pretty good holiday...that aleeves all stress.


  1. Sounds like the beginning of a nice routine.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Maggie! Looks like you're having a wonderful Labor weekend. I wouldn't mind a donut right now. Oh dear! Bad for me.

  3. I ate grapes today because I had a Mexican donut yesterday. Always a trade off.

  4. I like this format. Maybe I'll steal it to encourage more frequent posts.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. We watch Charles Osgood on the Sunday show every week if we can. It is always interesting. Sometimes I wonder if I am old based on the ads that they have for the show!

  6. I love it when Stouffer's makes dinner! Hope you and your eldest have a nice visit. I love the photos of the sailing ships.

  7. I found all the photos excellent, but what caught my "wondering" eye was the Friday one with that guy who had a cell phone to his ear...what was that thing half hanging from the nets? Oh btw, I like this new format too. Of course you always make daily posting look easy.



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