April 4, 2014

Sea Days

We will be able to walk the decks and listen to the sounds of water rushing by the hull.

No deserts, and especially no eggs... tho I can hear the chocolate calling.

Yes, several days at sea sound good to me.  I fell in love with the Holland America Line libraries and just hope Princess libraries are just as good.  Light food, a good book, and an hour in the gym should work on sea days.

Well of course the deck is slippery when wet.  Signs fascinate him.


  1. Sounds peaceful, listening to the water rush by. What is that food in the curved white dish?

  2. What a great time. Books, exercise and fresh sea air. Nothing matches that. I admire your ability to avoid desserts made by a chef!

  3. Enjoy yourselves! We just returned from our trip -- and lost weight! That happens to us every cruise...

    PS I've been padded down so many times I've come to like it! :)

  4. Oh it looks like it's going to be great. I have the same question as Celia.

    And chocolate.. it has a lovely voice, doesn't it? :)

  5. LOVE THE PHOTOS. Glad to hear you can eat lean while you cruise.

  6. I really liked the article written above, thank you for what is given

  7. Books are a must I think and will be filling up my kindle.
    No gym for me but hope to walk the decks.I like your idea of having a bag slung on your case and shall do the same.

  8. We're heading back home via San Diego on Friday morning. Will be home on Sunday afternoon -- can't wait. Enjoy the rest of your trip... my apologies for not keeping in touch. Hugs & love to you both...

  9. I love the first photo. It reminds me of blue cotton candy.

    I'd rather be eating what's on the next one though!



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