December 9, 2015

The 2015 Tree

The tree is done for the moment.  Almost.  There are a few bare spots, and the mouse that looked so little in the store now looks too big for the tree.  We own too many animals also.  From my father’s bear to the bear I found in the store last year, there are way too many critters crowding round the base of the tree.  Perhaps one or two of them can go to new homes after the holiday.  In the mean time, they all make me smile.

The crèche is up.  I love Mexican tin work, and these are truly fun.  But no presents are wrapped.  I inch toward a gathering on the 18th.


  •>Himself:  Still feeling better.  Weird dreams.  Slammed at work.

  • Herself:  Got all those usual errands run in the morning except I bought the wrong meat.  The crock pot recipe’s all call for no bones.  I bought bones.  Puttered with the tree, fixed fattening dinner, and chatted with B.  Today I am slammed with books at work…what fun.

  • Reading:  Francis’ “Shattered.”  I’m almost at the end of my collection.

  • Gratitudes:  …for everything but dust.


    1. Love the animals around your tree. You are making progress, well done!

    2. This is beautiful Mage! I love your little furry critters.

    3. It's beginning to look like Christmas.

    4. I used to have a bunch of stuffed animals for Christmas too. Then I gave them away because we were going to be in Fl. every Christmas. Now I don't have them but my cats would probably climb the tree and eat the animals. LOL

    5. I totally plan to get around to Christmas preparations. Soon.

    6. The tree and the crowd of bears look good to me.


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