January 26, 2016

Our Day...

...My day, his day...our day....

It's his birthday.
I admit my mind was fractionally taken away by the dawn repeat mammogram and ultrasound.  And too, my attention was diverted by the sinus agony being a broken tooth below it.  He just doggedly works on.  Here he is at work.  He's just worked through eldest daughters clutter disaster, my mild hysteria over the mammograms, combined with the agony in my sinus turning into a new crown.

Perhaps he wasn't totally distracted by this all as he did schedule a follow up for his stomach.  One of those, "What else am I supposed to do," appointments.  

I'm proud to know this special James Bond on this his 29th birthday.


  1. Happy birthday to your special one! Very dapper!

    Sending all good thoughts and wishes your way!

  2. He is a little young for you, be careful he does not have a wandering eye. He is also very organized, my type of guy.

  3. Happy [belated] birthday to the man.

  4. Happy Birthday to that handsome James Bond look-alikeT
    I'm so sorry you're going through so much pain, Mage. That sounds awful!


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