March 14, 2016

Travels with George

We decided that would take a short drive north with our camera’s.  What vehicle?  We’d take Grumpy as he needed gas.  First to Costco.  They have the cheapest gas at $2.39 a gallon.  The one near us was just getting their gas.  George didn’t want to buy the churned up, dirty gas.  We moved on to the next nearest Costco in the Valley then to the Southeast San Diego store.  They were all just getting their gas deliveries too.

He found out that the next nearest Costco that sold gas was in Chula Vista….far, far, to the south near the border with Mexico.  So to Chula Vista we drove, and we were really grateful that they weren’t getting a gas delivery when we arrived.  Then after lunch…we kept going south.  I hadn’t been to the Tijuana Sloughs since my friend Jo died.

I hadn’t expected to find the peaceful Tijuana Sloughs of my memory.  Instead we found a hard topped barrier and signs.  The beach was open, but the sloughs were closed for dune restoration and had become a National Wildlife Refuge.  How pleased Jo and Mike and all the other’s would be about this.  

Originally, The Town folks here were going to dredge a channel from the mouth of the sloughs to the end of the sloughs and install a marina.  Our friend Mike began single-handedly trying to stop this little city.  Along the way he recruited an army of helpers among them Paul and Jo and I.  Today the north end of the slough is the Refuge, and the south end is Border Field State Park.  Who would have thought it this could be saved when we started.

Then  down the strand and across the bridge to home bringing new memories with us.

  • Himself:  He had a relaxed Saturday as the Museum was closed, and he had a ball at the gala.  He had the best of luck winning the drawing for two of the four giant gift baskets.  Sunday we took a drive, and went to a Personalities before Principles meeting at night.

  • Herself:  It was so much fun to dress up Saturday night, and Sunday was a gift to go back to the sloughs where I had so many adventures.

  • Reading:  The second Longmire.

  • Gratitudes:  That I survived ad am here to write these words.


    1. Both of you look great. Amazing what we can do when we decide to act. Congratulations on your environmental success.

    2. You did a lot of travelling for cheap gas, but I know that there was more to it and that it made for a good daytrip.

    3. You both look wonderful. Such a great accomplishment on the environmental front. That's not something we get to say very often either. You should be very proud.

    4. Great news about saving the Sloughs. I love going on those kind of driving trips, always think its good for the vehicle to have a little run, as well as the people it carries. You two look so good in your fancy dress clothes, very nice.

    5. Oooh, a black tie affair. We have one of those to attend in May. I'm still not too sure if I will go as I don't have anything formal to wear. Terry does the photos for the event so he will definitely attend. i'm also never too sure who to talk to at these events.

    6. A job well done is a well done job.

    7. It was so much fun to see you at the event!

    8. You look very nice. I'm jealous. I've never been as far south in Calif. as Chula Vista. One of my college friends came from there, and that is literally all I know about the place. Good info here.

    9. I love that photo of the both of you. You guys look fabulous!!! Do you know gas is $1.99 at our Costco? Can you believe it? Boggles our mind.

    10. You both look great! And Congratulations to George on winning those two gift baskets! Outstanding!! I don't know of any Costco's other than Morena Blvd. and Santee. Our gas just went up to $1.75 from $1.59. Before that (less than 2 weeks ago), it was $1.39 or less. We've bought it for $1.27 a gallon! Hard to believe there's such a vast difference in price.

    11. I do hope Her Maj invited such a lovely couple in to tea?
      Interesting tale of the Sloughs.


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