April 12, 2016


Cannon on the Surprise.

Life is always filled with small things scattered about.  It’s almost tax time.  We are slow with the new tax lady.  She with us too. 

They are tenting here for termites.  Perhaps that’s not a small thing.  We also have two weeks to pack and wrap things into the truck bed before moving to the beach for 4 days.  I still feel the condo association should pay for the hotel rooms, but my opinion doesn’t count….wouldn’t it be nice though.

Plants all out on the sidewalk in front.  Foods in the bed of the truck, and four days of clothes in the car along with four computers.  Did I really say that?  At least the gigante Pot Luck and Speakers Meeting is on this coming Sunday instead of right in the middle of the move.  I’ve got cold slaw down to an art form.  We need to pack all the stuff for the first Friday night BBQ too.   It’s coming up on the 29th.  Yes, I have it all on paper and illustrated.  Maybe I need to hang it on a sign around my neck so I remember.

Boom, indeed.

  • Himself:  Emailing and calling the tax lady.  Working hard.
  • Herself:  Eating down the house and planning menus.
  • Reading:  The new Perry…and the type is so small in this Mystery Guild edition that I can barely see it.
  • Gratitudes:  Glad life is in focus right now.


    1. Terrible when this happens. I had no idea termites would eat your condos. I thought they were all brick and mortar. Hope you both recover soon. Fortunately you have a beautiful time to be at the beach.AND yes the Condo assn. should shoulder some of the cost...if nothing else than a cut rate deal for displaced residents.

    2. I don't envy you the move because of the termites. Only work and expense because of insects. Hope it goes smoothly!

    3. I remember the tenting in Hawaii. If you did not tent your house than at night the termites would fly into your face if you sat outside around a BBQ fire. I did not care as I was a very poor graduate student and owned nothing. We joked that the only reason most of the houses were still standing is that the termites pledged to hold hands...for a while. I once had my house treated for cockroaches in Texas. We left for a few days and covered all the food/dishes with sheets. The company said they could not guarantee eradication when I told them the bedrooms were off limits. I said I did not care as I refused to let my children sleep in fume ridden rooms. Here I only worry about sugar ants and they seem to have left. Our issues are with fungus spray and bees and weed spray and the water creatures. When we kill everything what will we do to survive?

    4. They should most definitely pay for the rooms. Poopy heads!

    5. Four days??? You have to be gone for four days? Yikes! I'd love to tent our house too because I know those little buggers are chewing up floors or whatever where I can't see. However, I hate the idea of having to pack up all our food and moving out for I don't know how long. Good luck, Mage...


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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