May 21, 2016

Saturday Snippets

·       Yup, I was really cold last night.  We had the light quilt on instead of this one.  For some reason, shivering wakes me up.
·       Yes, people call the Political office with some strange things.  One had a request that Hillary add police brutality to her platform.  Another person wanted to know who to vote for.  I told him.  Meanwhile a 20 strong, delegation from a Balkan country arrived to discuss politics with the head of our party.  Fascinating…even the data entry.
·       Yup, we are having an around the world sale at the shop.  I thought there would be more things as we have saved all year for this, but what we have is delicious.
·       I’m getting a hand on foods.  Balancing a diet between allergies and low carbs is not fun.  It can be done tho is limiting.  Bobbie calls with a wonderful soup recipe, and I have to tell her that I am allergic to the prime ingredient.  I can have whipped cream.  Now that’s a joyous thought.
·       Yes, I have my new glasses on.  I love them….hyperbolic but true.  I asked to have the red lenses fixed and she asked me to wear the blue ones for two weeks first.  Oy.  I woke with only slightly cranky eyes and note that the right lens is in crooked.

·       G tells me that we have two estate sales here on the Point, so we are off, and I will let you know what we find.


  1. Chilly here last night too, or maybe it was just me. Such a serene looking room.

  2. Happy shopping!

    We finally have it warm and sunny! I just took the duvet off the bed.

  3. crusty cranky eyes are not on the menu

  4. Hope you got good buys at the Estate Sale. Thank you for your hard work in the Hillary campaign. You need to save us from Trump.


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