June 23, 2016

A Death in White-Bread Land

Tourist boats on Catalina all in a line.

There was a shooting down on the corner.  From eleven pm last night through seconds ago, the street was closed.  We both woke up enough to hear all the sirens but were surprised by the police presence this morning.  The swat team was out.  Police cars everywhere, and they were using flash bangs to roust the tenants.  Lots of TV coverage. 

We went to the gym the long way.   Even the Y had their TV on.

We never have a shooting here in white-bread land. 

  • Himself:  Working hard.  Music on.  I so appreciate him.  Tonight the Auto Museum is having an opening at the same time the Air and Space Museum is having a big fund raiser.  Parking will be fun.
  • Herself:  As I love weight, my lymphedema becomes more apparent.  I’m going to sit at the computer and sewing machine compressed today.
  • Reading:  Sharon McCrumb, “The PMS Outlaws.”
  • Gratitudes:  That nobody shot at me.


    1. It must be scary to wake to such noises. I too am grateful you weren't hurt.

    2. White bread land is a new phrase to me. It works. Hopefully all will soon be settled.

    3. My sister Sudie had Lymphedema in her right arm; developed after surgery for stage 4 breast cancer. My cousin Dossie passed away last night of lung cancer and my sister Barbara is dying tonight from Parkinson's. Life is hard at times.

    4. You mean "lose," I assume.
      Yes, there are many tragedies, always.

    5. Oh no, not Lymphedema. That's a tough one. We have car crashes around here in our very mixed neighborhood.


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