June 28, 2016

One of those Journaling Surveys

In the Tub at Dog Poo acres.

You know I give in to these things every now and again.

·        What does your online diary name mean, and why did you pick it?
“Postcards” are tiny visual worlds with a picture on one side and a note space on the other side.  I was just beginning to take pictures when I began my blog.

·        When did you first get an online diary?
In the late 80’s, first on Xanga – I think, then Wordpress, Blogger, and OD.  As OD began failing, I went back to first Wordpress, then to Easy Diary.  Lastly I moved to Blogger while using Prosebox.  I still keep up Postcards on these two sites. 

·        Why did you first start an online diary?For me this was a normal extension of my handwritten journals.

·        How did you find OD/Prosebox?
My OD friends told me the names of the websites, and I joined them.

·        When writing an entry, do you believe you are writing for you or the reader? Me, me me memem….  LOL

·        When writing an entry, are you completely honest?
Honest yes, but I edit everything I write.  I didn’t used to do this, and my journals fascinated my friends.

·        Describe your writing setting:
I sit in this fancy chair G bought me, with feet up on a stool, type on a pullout keyboard on one side of a table with G on the other side.

·        Is anyone that you know (in real life) allowed to read your diary?
Yes, my husband, one of my kids reads it, and my much appreciated cuz reads too. 

·        Do you know anyone in real life with a diary, which you are allowed to read?

·        Has anyone found your diary that you really didn’t want to find it?

·        Do you believe writing in your online diary is therapeutic?
Yes, it helps clarify my thinking.  Later I read my entries and am amazed at how I see things.

·        How many entries do you have?
On Blogger I have 2694.  More on OD.  Fewer on Prosebox.

·        Do you have any entries that are private?
               One or two.

·        How many favorites do you have?
I have a lot, but unless I make the time to leave notes I do not hear from them.

·        Do you know who your first favorite was?
An OD lady who no longer writes.

·        Have you ever written an entry while too intoxicated?
Yes, in my handwritten diaries and journals.  These days, I no longer drink. 

·        Do you feel accepted by the diary community?
So many have moved on that much of my community feels as if it has moved on.

·        Have you secretly fell in love (or had a crush on) a diarist?

·        Have you ever read an entry that really moved you?  What was it about?
One friend’s sister was dying of cancer, and for several years her whole blog was focused on this.  She no longer writes online.  My friend Cosmom, started a beautiful work on OD.  She died, and I miss her terribly. 

·        Has anyone written an entry that made you cry?
Arbi and others.

·        What are your favorite kinds of entries to read?
Anything by those I consider my friends.
After writing an entry, how long do you wait to see if you have comments?
Prosebox tells you about notes the moment you log in.  Few notes on Blogger, and I miss those friends.

·        If you don’t have comments, do you feel let down ?  
Yes, I do.  Small of me, isn’t it.

·        How many comments do you usually get?
On Prosebox about 10 plus.

·        Did you know the more comments you leave, the more notes you get? 

·        Do you delete mean or nasty comments?

·        Have you ever left a nasty comment and not signed your name?

·        Have you ever left a comment on a person’s diary just to make them feel better?
Yes, because I care.

·        Do you keep a paper copy of your online diary?
I did for the first few years.  Not now.  At the end of the year, I copy the journal to a disc, and I combine that with the year’s ephemera in an acid free storage box.

·        Do you go back and re-read your past entries?


  1. I have several paperback diaries upstairs, on top of a bookcase, gathering dust. I've burned a lot of stuff. Yes, comments matter, especially from a friend. Honesty? Do sins of omission count? My granddaughters told me they read my blog. Mostly, I stay away from political stuff...mostly.

    You put a lot of work in this post. How did you feel afterward?

  2. Got a giggle out of your drawing but seriously, the detail work is impressive.

    1. It's really a doodle. But thanks.

  3. I enjoy reading about people's thoughts etc as you've done in this post.

    The drawing is great!

  4. I did Word Press for awhile too. I liked it better, but my [few] friends were here, so ...

  5. Love the cartoon. I find comments cam really lift one's spirits if only because someone has taken the time and trouble to read.

    1. Thank you for this spirit lift. :)

  6. You are truly a talented artist, Mage!!!


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