August 6, 2016

Week 2: Kitchen Cabinets

Drawer 1…am I ever going to use those knives?  Four cheese slicers?  Three whisks?

I tackled two of the drawers and found them full of hidden uselessness.  I need to go through them again.  I feel like a hoarder when faced with my duplicates.  How many cheese slicers does a person need if they don’t entertain.  I really don’t want to put things away and hide them again. 

I pick something up and ask myself, “do I use it?”  Often the answer is no.  Yet I hear the cry, “That was my mother’s, that was my grandmother’s.  That belonged to George’s mother.”  Oh, what a conundrum.  But as Duck said, and took too far, “I don’t have to caretake dead people’s stuff.”  What a struggle.

Hide the cord?  Where do I put those not used often forks?

Progress is inching along.


  1. how about a utensil holder, for on your sink, for ONLY the heirloom pieces? You would be able to see them, and get nostalgic joy from them. :)

    1. I use what I have. Most of the collectible ones are to the right where you can't see them.

  2. Yeah ... still have a few items from my mother, such as ordinary table knives, but I think of her when I use them, so ...

  3. I have a few things from family members, not a lot. My daughter will make short work of them in the end!

  4. It is so hard to get rid of carefully collected "stuff".

  5. We have far too much stuff. I got rid of a bunch when we moved, but I could go through those kitchen drawers one more final time.

  6. I love that tall cabinet at the end of the kitchen. Wish I had something similar in my kitchen. As for stuff, I got rid of things like tube pans and heart-shaped cake pans, spring-form pans (I had a set of 5!), a large canning pot. Then I filled back in with a juicer and a cupcake carrier!

  7. I have four granddaughters. When I cleaned cupboards I supplied their kitchens. someone, somewhere will use those things.


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