September 1, 2016

Still Inching into the Garage

Garage shelving #2
From tables and a monitor on top, the extra flatware and chair cushions in two colors, water color rags and paint, Next to bottom: Comic Con costume, and two boxes of sketchbooks, and on the bottom dishes, truck parts and I forget.  LOL

Tuesday I so overcooked the chicken skewers, the chicken was rock hard.  A real embarrassment.

Wednesday afterwork, I went back to work.  With help I loaded four or so boxes of discarded books into Grumpy and took them to the Goodwill.  Barbara, the lovely retired OR nurse I work with on Wednesdays, took another four to an animal thrift store up near where she lives.  The assistant store manager paid someone to take everything away, but they didn’t take all the books.  The Shop still hasn’t found a replacement for the folks who took them before.

Last night’s dinner came out perfectly: Red cabbage, kielbasa, and apples with balsamic vinegar and ginger.

I’ve been grumpy all day.  No excuse.  Perhaps I got up on the wrong side of the bed?  Maybe I didn’t like researching the Renaissance.

Instead of staying cranky, I delved into the garage.  G did one set of shelves last weekend.  Thank you…tho they need a bit more done on that top shelf.  Today I moved the fleet out and did one big shelf next to the door.  There are two boxes of sketchbooks I didn’t go through, but everything else got properly sorted.  G wants to keep the keyboards and one monitor.  I kept the silver and one set of Blue Ridge dishes.  Lots of things went into the back of Grumpy for the Goodwill. 

The sketchbooks are as much my memories as are my journals.  I think I need help going through them.

Dinner Tonight?  G’s taking me out.


  • Himself:  He’s really working hard.

  • Herself:  The upper tension on my Bernina has died.  We will take it in before dinner.SEMI-OPERATOR ERROR: You cannot sew with cone thread on that machine.  The cone jams.  No one ever showed me before.  Now I have a thread stand.

  • 52 Week House Reorganization:  Inching my/our way around the garage.  Discarded two bags of sewing things.

  • Reading:  Memoirs of a Destroyer Officer: BLUEWATER SAILOR.

  • Gratitudes:  That I was about to get through everything even the crankies, and the cost of the day was only for the thread stand.


    1. Even the garage is looking good. Great progress!

    2. The garage is getting there. One or two of the garages in our driveway are like, almost empty. It is, well, criminal. There must be laws against it!

    3. Oh! I didn't know you owned a Bernina!! What model?? Does it do embroidery?? I'm researching for a new second machine to have in AZ. Trying to sell my Viking so I can use the money on the new machine.

      1. It's a bottom of the line machine. Yes, I can make it do embroidery, but it isn't a computer focused model.

    4. I have a whole closet full of craft items. Tons of stuff that I should got through because I no longer do crafts as much!!!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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