May 4, 2017


Man’s wrapper, Ghana, early 20th century, unknown Ewe weaver.  Cotton.

Prosebox, a blogging site where I keep my backup blog, lists past diary entries running down the right side.  I read a few yesterday.  I was thinking later how well I could write.  Concisely.  Interestingly.  Then last night I dreamed I forgot myself.  Wandering around, or driving around in a red sports car, aimlessly haunting the home of new friends as they move in. 

Now I know I am losing myself.  I don’t just forget one or two things a day, but I often forget five or more.  Sometimes G feels more like a caretaker than a lover.  Yet the house is clean, the laundry done, the trash out, and there’s art on the walls…much of this thanks to G.

Today we are both going to the doctors.  He for his knees, and I for my skin.  I didn’t forget the appointments.  They are written in an old appointment book, and both of us remember to look.  Even Marta is written in just so we remember to clean up after ourselves.  For on top of everything, we admit we are slobs. 

   Himself:  At work at 6 so he doesn’t lose the day’s pay.  His appointment is at 2:30pm.

  • Herself:  A bit unnerved by that dream.  Unnerved by an old friend too.  Class yesterday and over stretched a torn rotator cuff, undercooked the green beans, my appointment is at 9 this morning.

  • Reading:  Katherine Graham’s vignettes of Washington DC.  Excellent reading.


    1. I'm beginning to have days where I forget several things. Not appointments except rarely, but all mine are on my phone which has become my extra brain. I've left things undone mostly because I'm finding many things I just don't want to do anymore. Dreams can really occupy your thoughts sometimes.

    2. It makes me sad that my brain doesn't work the way it used to.....nothing works the way it used to. On the plus side, I'm still on the green side of the grass.

    3. Memory is a fickle friend these days. Adapting is the order of the day, when I can remember to do it.

    4. If I want to remember things, it seems they must go on Google calendar so I get my reminders, but even then ...

    5. I have to write notes all over the place and if I lost my calendar, I'd be lost. Prosebox? Hmmmm... Interesting.


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