September 22, 2017


Every morning, I grumble, moan, and groan about going to the pool no matter the weather.  To keep my life simple, I have to get there before 0630 on work days.  This morning, it was 63F, 16.6667C.  Just a little nippy out there.

The first good thing…I was greeted by warm "good mornings," and news that a friend had done well with an aortic valve replacement.  Then as I started my laps, the sky started turning a rich peach….later a brilliant gold  The clouds all had silver linings.  Lately we have had dark clouds filling the sky.  This morning, the world was beautiful.

One friend invited us over to meet her new cat.  It is so good to make new friends.  Another delightful person told me that George was the OB Oracle…with a big grin.  The pool temperature was warm.  The shower was hot.  And I came home to my lunch already made.

What more could one want.

  • Himself:  Keeps saying that it’s Friday.  Gym, work, meeting, Poolie, home.
  • Herself:  Pool, work, cook, meeting, Poolie, Home.
  • Reading:  The book on restaurant reviewing…I’m too lazy to go in the other room to get the title for you.
  • Captain Poolie:  Went to the museum, went to a movie, and wanted a vanilla Frostie.  She also had a double dose of PT and OT.  Today she says she wants a float.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I survived a four hour endless work meeting yesterday afternoon.


  1. Good thoughts for Poolie and good for you going to the pool, grumble away. Went to see "Wind River" with my eldest son. Good film, glad to see Jeremy Renner get a good role not in Marvel production. Some of the violence nearly undid me though.

  2. A four hour meeting sounds cruel and unusual punishment, especially for a volunteer.

  3. Love the quilt. Hate those long meetings!

  4. Did you make that quilt? I haven't learned how to make triangles yet -- or Dresden petals, or blocks on point. So much I haven't ventured into learning. Paper piecing just about did me in... LOL Hugs and thanks for keeping us posted on Poohlie. She does sound as though she's on the mend, finally!

  5. Your pool time and buddies seem quite special.

  6. That is one uplifting quilt with its bright colors and star. You are so much busier than I, but I guess you like that. I am being a slug most of this month...

    1. Busy = tired. I'm just planning to sew this afternoon. :)

  7. Don't ya love it when a grumble turns into a smile? Lots of pluses to the day and you are a bit healthier also.

  8. I'd be so happy if I could be that active! I long to do things but have so little energy.

  9. Oh Mage, that sounds like such a lovely day. You certainly know to appreciate these ordinary, yet utterly special days.


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