November 9, 2017


Old friends Mage and Katy taking a moment to talk.

I still have some wonderful friends, but I sadly note that many have died.  Not a happy topic.  So I have resolutely been attempting to make new friends.  Perhaps clumsily.  Life is whole with friends.

I move slowly now.  Last night at the Sports Arena I almost crawled to the nosebleed seats.  Yes a handrail would have been handy.  One dear lady climbed over a few seats to talk for a moment, and I so appreciated that.  Could I ever do that?  I don’t remember.  But I do know that I need to metaphorically climb those seats to let new people into my life.

The busy mother of two kids, supporting causes, going to college full time and with two jobs made friends easily.  Now retired and living with a man who likes being alone has turned me into a woman who accepts aloneness.  I still have some wonderful close friends.  Unfortunately they live in Timbuktu or BFE Ontario.  The photo wall by my computer has way too many pictures of dear local friends and family.  The friends aren’t with us anymore. 

I’ve made acquaintance’s at work or other places.  Most are younger than I.  Sometimes despite the continuing good fight, I get discouraged.


  • Himself:  Posting new photos of the trip today.

  •>Herself:  It was suggested that I link to Facebook so you can see other black and white photos that I share.

  • Reading:  Something I picked up at the shop.  Priced and got half the Christmas Books out.  The Wednesday work crew was all together after their travels.

  • Captain Poolie:  Saw her Tuesday and she was very ill.  Seems livelier today.

  • Gratitude’s:  That I was able to go to the game and hug a very fragile Jeff.


    1. Your post speaks to me on various levels. I am reminded of my mother and other relatives speaking of the friends who disappeared from their lives until they too were gone and I was left. My husband is an alone person, has always been, so our social circle is small. However, I have a few good friends I appreciate and can rely on and vice versa. This will change and if I am left for a while, I too will climb over the seats to meet new friends. Such is the curcle...

    2. I too have lost too many friends. The price for living long. Guess we have to look for our new ones to be younger.

    3. I am an alone person up to a point anyway. Sue isn't so much. Sometimes I say in jest that it's nice for her to meet her friends and have someone to talk to. :)

    4. I like to make younger friends. I figure they can take care of me in my dotage. So many of my friends have passed away or moved on.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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