February 12, 2019


2006: Megan, Alex, and G behind them.

We all have families of origin, but many of us have families of choice also.

My immediate family of origin included my mother, Gunny – my father, Grandma Maudie and Gimpa, Mother’s father.  My father and mother were alcoholics.  My family of choice will always include my Grandma Maudie and Cousin Tom….wonderful loving people.  It also includes aa family of choice: Don DeLlamas, Bobbie M, Katy, Tommy D, Joleen Mc, Timothy M, Linda R, and Sandy.  There were other’s; artists all.  I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for this family of choice.

Alex has a much more complicated family.  He has a birth mother and all that brings with it…which includes us.  He has a large and delightful, adoptive family of origin of a Mom and Dad plus wonderful adoptive and not adoptive sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, and their kids.  He has a supportive extended family of Army friends and work friends too.

Now there is Max and his mom….an extended family and extended culture too.

2010: Megan, Alex and Zoe.

  • Himself:  Consenting to see the doctor.
  • Myself:  Feeling vastly better but still coughing.  Knee MRI at 2. First good pictures of Max on Facebook today.
  • Photo:  Both by me. Megan always complains that I live behind my camera.
  • Reading:  Finishing the last Brandsetter mystery.  Hansen made these characters real, and I am going to miss them in my life.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I am getting better and the meatloaf was a winner.


  1. Ate meatloaf at our local pseudo Irish beer place. Was a little too salty but still good with mashed potatoes and fried squash (which every restaurant serves as a vegetable this time of year) a few nights ago. Tonight I have got hubby to cook the frozen shrimp with purple cabbage and a red onion and add it all to raimen. Not following the salt restrictions as well as I should. YOu lovely complicated family is hard for me to follow, but that makes no difference in the grand scheme of things. We have a very good friend whose family is even more complicated.

  2. Family doesn’t have to be connected by blood, just love, which is everything.

  3. Yes, it's nice to meet family and fit them in.

  4. Family is what we make of it at any time of our lives whether or not genetics are involved.

  5. Families can be frightfully complicated but wonderful things. Oh yes...and meatloaf is always a winner.

  6. My family is tiny. My dad was an only, and I am an only. MY mother had one brother who didn't marry. I have two daughters, one of which will not have children.

  7. Interesting how family of all descriptions still fit under the same umbrella.

  8. My family was large when I was a child, then as I grew older, it grew smaller... such is life.


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