March 5, 2019



Discards fill the chair.
…your favorite book when you were a kid.  Mine was the Secret Garden.

I’ve been shelving children’s books for two weeks now.  Boxes and boxes of them come from the library upstairs.  All their Young Adult and Juvenile books now live on our small shelves thanks to the new librarian upstairs. 

I was raised by a very Victorian mother.  She ruled my reading by banning such volumes as the Bobsey Twins….why I don’t know.  St. Nicholas Magazine reprints were allowed along with all the classics like Little Lord Fauntleroy.  My literary freedom came when I was allowed to get my own library card.  By then I had never met all the books most kids had read.  I jumped right in to Science Fiction and Mysteries. 

Today, wanting to know more about this literature I was shelving and had never seen before, I googled Kiddy Lit.  I ended up reading about other’s favorites and loved lost children’s books.  Sucked right in.  Here’s two links to those sites you might enjoy too. Grant Blog: Kiddy Lit


  • Himself:  Work and got his teeth cleaned.
  • Myself:  I spent three days alphabetizing the “Y”, and I ended up just shelving instead. Dentist...missed my appointment, but he took me anyway.  There was a root remaining where that last tooth had been extracted.  It too was extracted.  
  • Photo:  Mine: The book discards from the Konmari Project.
  • Reading: DAUGHTER OF EMPIRE...My life as a Mountbatten.
  • Gratitude’s:  More rain.


  1. I loved the Bobbsey Twins. My very most favorite was Little Women. I'm sorry your mother "ruled your reading". My mother did that one time. I can't remember the title but I was about 14, and it was thought to be "shocking" - haha. I remembered! Inside Daisy Clover - One day it just wasn't in my bedroom anymore.

  2. I see the latest in children’s lit with my granddaughters. It’s fun to compare to the old classics.

  3. Looks like the chair is going to have a "Joy-Fire" with all those sparks filling it.

  4. I loved Gulliver's Travels and all the Black Stallion series.

  5. Oh Golly...Black Beauty, Heidi, Little Women, The Bobsey Twins, Nancy Drew, ... the list goes on. I had no one particular favourite. I'd read a cereal box if nothing else presented.

  6. I loved "Secret Garden" too. And an ancient weathered volumn of "Princess Polly's Playmates" from my mother's childhood. We had no retrictions that I recall except for stuff Mom hid under her mattress and we read anyway.

  7. Books, thrift shop clothes and pictures seem to exponentially collect at my house. I think my favorite book as a child was Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales. Later, as an adult it was Peter Rabbit, Caps for Sale, Goodnight Moon and so many more.

  8. A cousin-aunt living in California sent me my first book when I was 7: Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore. That's how it began.

  9. I, too, recall having some of the Bobbsey Twins series books, but titles of others escape me. Think Pollyanna was one and also had the board game. Lad A Dog was a favorite. There were others a relative sent of some of the classics that had been hers as a girl. What I recall mostly is when I could take the bus myself downtown, walk the block to the library all by myself. I wandered the aisles reading books, some well beyond my years they likely wouldn’t have let me check out, so could read there over time as I discovered Madame Bovary.

  10. Gosh, thank you for posting my link on kiddie lit! :)




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