May 23, 2019


A grey to sunshine morning.  We left early for the new Pulmonary Doctor’s office, and it was good that we did.  Normally it takes me only fifteen minutes, but we caught every light red. 

I like the new doctor.  He explained things clearly, was in no hurry, and was slowed down by the process of learning a new office program.  As was everyone else in his office.  New sprays, and I could see on the X RAYs what was wrong…fibroids.  Little streamers running here and there in my lungs. 

Now lab work, done, and a CAT scan.  But they don’t know what really causes fibroids.  This is progress as far as I am concerned.   

  • Himself:  Got a new handle for a chopping block, and took me to buy three new pair of compression stockings.  Dear Maan.  Gaming all afternoon.
  • Myself:  Came home, ate half a sandwich with half the mayo since I had gained another ten pounds,  and took a nap.
  • Photo:  George at the TATE. 2001.
  • Reading:  Perry if I can find it.
  • Gratitude’s:  That my lungs are not filled with cancer.


  1. Fibroids are good news compared to that other dreaded word!

  2. I think I will concur with Marie.

  3. Hugs and stuff, got the same things in my lungs, yes, no ideas why?!

  4. I once had uterine fibroids and the doctor said they would either go away, or not. They went away. I hope you have the same good luck with your lung fibroids, irrespective of the treatment.

  5. Well at least you have a diagnosis - pulmonary fibrosis is worrying just the same but it sounds as if you are in good hands, better still ones you like and have confidence in
    Take care

  6. Knowing what you are dealing with has to be a bit of a relief and it could have been worse. Hope he can get you on treatment that eases your symptoms. Glad you like him--half the battle.

  7. Glad you are keeping all those doctor appointments and especially glad you have new doctor you like. I'm sure you and George will do everything you can to stay healthy.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with your gratitudes.

  9. So glad you got a doctor you like. It makes all the difference. Fibroids? Ummmm...

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. A blessing indeed. Sounds like you are in good hands with your doctor.

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