June 30, 2020



·       George has not been feeling well since Saturday.  He’s been a slug, a bent over and in pain, sleeping and a moaning slug, and I have been worrying.  He just got permission for an ultra-sound, so we should know more Thursday at ten AM.

·       The start of this Covid 19 mess, we were reminded to contact our friends.  Carole and I used to work together on the AIDS Quilt.  Frankly, I have been missing her bright and unusual look on life.  So following the nudge from the Virus folks, I sent her an email saying what I was thinking.

·       My fungied big toenail fell off in the middle of the night.  There it was in the middle of the bathroom floor when I awoke.  I thought it was a snail shell for a moment.  A new tube of goop arrived, and I just turned my thinking to applying more goo. 

·       It’s a seven day weekend, G told  me.  I almost believed him.  Just for a moment.  No fireworks this year.  No crowds, no open bars, no Covid 19.  No parades.  We do have birthdays:  Aaron, Alex, and Courtney all are grandchildren with birthdays coming up. 

·       <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>  On Hold.

·       Myself:  Finishing the massive pile of magazines left over from when I wasn’t here.

·       Reading:  Katy’s “History of Mendocino County,” plus Consumer Reports, National G, Westways, Smithsonian….and many more.

·       Photo: CarolE.  Gratitude’s: That there was room for him in the radiology department on the 2nd.



  1. Carol looks like a happy person. It's good to look at her smiling face while I type this. I hope all goes well for George. Pain sucks.

  2. Could George have a kidney stone?

  3. Hope G finds out the problem and has it fixed. Take care.

  4. I am so sorry that George is feeling bad. Hubby has a scratchy throat and I gave him zinc lozenges. So I also worry. But I remember my mother saying to not worry about something unless the worrying will help make it better. Wish I was there to help...in some way.

  5. So sorry George is feeling so rough. Glad he could get in to get the ultrasound and hope they can find an easy fix.
    Carole's smile made me smile. Glad you are getting her back in your life.




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