January 16, 2021


When I discovered the hard drive I was keeping my jpg’s on was full, I thought I would move them from the 1T to a 2T drive.  I thought that first one Terabyte drive was huge.  Imagine.  It also took all day to get my pictures moved to the new backup drive.  

Now today, I was going to write a few quick words.  I always do my email first.  This time I ran into a link to a video of the NS Savannah.  I snuck on her once.  Did I climb the long ladder in heels?  In uniform?  I don’t remember, but I do remember that everything was an unrelenting medium green.


I do remember being just as frightened climbing down that ladder just as I was frightened going up.  

Yesterday the carpet cleaner came and did his thing.  Today, after I put some of my world back in order, I’ll follow George around.  The groceries are ordered.  We will pick them up between 12 and 1.  I have prescriptions to call in….at last.  One “not-my-pharmacy” filled all my prescriptions while I was in the second nursing home.  To the sum of $400.00 dollars worth.  Normally the cost is zero.             

Tomorrow a George-made chocolate muffin.  Monday I will call for an appointment for a PET scan.  I’ll know more after that.


<A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>  Moved vast amount of stuff for the carpet cleaner.  Has his space ship up in space.  Has lost almost 18 pounds.

Myself:  Switched the bedroom direction all around.  Put the bed next to the open door.  Slept like a baby.

Reading:  Finishing Obama.

Watching:  Nothing on TV last night.

Photo:  George took this of a vastly overweight me.  I keep putting mayo on things.

Gratitude’s:  The usual Suspects. 


  1. Nice set up you have and good to see your great smile. Isn't grocery pick up the best invention? Let us know how the scan goes.

  2. you do have a great smile! I still go in the grocery store but I do live in a small town, less than 9,000 people. I just prefer to pick my produce myself.

  3. The Savannah is incredible. I finished Obama, and went back and began again.

  4. My 2tb drive is pretty well full, so I have switched to a 4tb — 2 in fact, one as a backup.

  5. In fact coming down the ladder (or a tree) is more scary than going up.

    1. Did I say that I was afraid of heights? LOL

  6. Is that a Magic 8 ball next to you? In these times, it's probably as accurate as anything else.

  7. The ship is incredible. I can understand you fear of the ladder.

    Good luck with the PET scan.

  8. Hi Mage! It's so nice to see you at your computer. I had to chuckle because you put little notes on your monitor too just like me. And you have a thermal mug on your desk just like me. This is so much fun. I hate to tell you this, but I had a 1 TB external drive. Then I moved to 4 TB and now I'm up to 8 TB.

  9. Yes, and that is a much heavier me at the computer too. Darn it. George agrees that I need an 8 T hard drive too. Yes, fun.

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