January 12, 2021


Several times in the 1960’s, I got to go to our Capitol.  The first time it was on my honeymoon to Paul.  The second was to see it all with some of my best friends and George.  No, I didn’t make it to every museum.  I tried.  But I met friends at the museums, at the Union Train station for lunch, and the Capitol building with blogger ThomaS. 

Yes, the restaurant is good, the building monumental, but the tour we were on didn’t take us to the galleries.  It did take us to the Old House Chambers which now house the state sculptures.  There are plaques on the floor that show where our Representatives once sat.  Around the outer walls, are now displayed sculptures, one from each state, of an important person in the history of that state.

Many of us have not been to this space.  I didn’t go until 2012.  The rioters crowded through in 2021 as if they lived there.  I thought I’d show you a view of it as I saw it those few years ago.





...and George.

Here’s ThomaS in his red vest.




  1. That was then, so glad you had the experience there before his recent violation.

    1. Yes, and with the upcoming promised violations, I thought I would share the sculptures.

  2. Thank you Mage. That was frightening, the other day. They certainly punished us, our feelings about where they were.

  3. Were some of these the statues that were damaged?

  4. Yay! You saw the King Kamehameha statue. I feel horrible about the destruction they caused. I hope there weren’t too many sensitive documents stolen. The violence and intent we saw on TV was absolutely staggering.

  5. Thanks for taking us on that tour. I have never been and it must have been so inspiring. So glad the vandals didn't do much damage to the art work. Small consolation.

  6. I've been to DC but not the Capitol. Mostly we viewed the outdoor monuments.

  7. It is beautiful and awe-inspiring space.

  8. Glad you got to visit this beautiful place because now it would be probably be impossible.




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