February 16, 2021


·       We sang a gloriously out of tune duo to Margot this morning.  Happy Birthday a cappella.  She is 58 years old which makes me ancient.   She has made George a dad which he seems to enjoy.  He seems to be glorying in cooking these days.  I gained a pound while he has lost thirty.  He rarely lets me in the kitchen, and I’m having fun not cooking.  He does make superior cheese omelets.

·       I’m reading and wearing out my new eye.  I haven’t heard from the oncologist, nor have I heard from the PA (Physicians Assistant)…I now have three jars of one drug and none for another.

·       Reading Linda Castillo’s Amish thrillers.  Very well written stuff.  I vaguely remember reading them in the past.  This is the only advantage of having a stroke that hits you in the memory.  Yes, I remember G and the family.

·       Videos from Peter Knego the ship Historian: One on the MARDI GRAS, and the other a trailer on the RMS WINDSOR CASTLE.  Beautiful things those.






·       On TV: Lots of stuff on Black history.  I am woefully ignorant.

·       Today’s illustration is a doodle of a favorite pair of old shoes.  1979.

·       I’m really grateful that I got through my list of things to do and saved co-pays at the same time.  I confess, I struggle with the telephone.



  1. Happy birthday to Margot. Our daughter turned 40 and it made me feel so old. I am just happy to be around to celebrate with her though.

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  3. Happy Birthday To Margot. Why is it we don't mind our own aging much but it doesn't seem right on our younger generation? They need to stay forever young.

  4. My oldest daughter is 56, so you're in good company. Happy birthday to her.

  5. We got to sing 3 times to her!

  6. I see that series is about a Kate Burkholder. I once knew a Mennonite (not Amish) called Burkholder.

  7. I don't like talking on the phone either. my oldest child is 44, the other 42. my husband does most the cooking now but he's very basic. when I want something a little fancier, I'll cook.

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  9. Happy Birthday To Margot. My daughter is turning 40 on the 23rd. Where does the time go?

  10. Such a sweet happy birthday duet. Nice to have someone to cook. My eldest turns 50 this year. I remember when I turned 50, took myself to the Big Island of Hawaii with my Aunt and Uncle. Nearly 30 years ago.

  11. Happy Birthday, Margot. I was surprised to see the white hairs on my kids' heads too. Now I know how my mother felt.




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