February 22, 2021


This pandemic has altered more than just our everyday habits; it’s changed our eating patterns as well as what we wear.

Having worked with a water focus for a great many years, I knew about sweats and bathing suits.   The security guard folks wore T-shirts and slacks as do custodians.  Anybody working from home wore sweats too.  Artists wear whatever is already ruined.  In my case, that means sweats and an old T-shirt or two.  Then again, I’ve been at this for a long time and have a goodly collection of old artist clothing.

What are you wearing in the midst of this pandemic?


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>  He doesn’t know.  Isn’t retirement heaven?  Meeting tonight.
  • Myself:  No shot today.  No vaccine available.  Meds: with insurance copay is $3000.00 a month.  Applying for a grant.
  • Reading:  Another Linda Castillo.  Out of order too.
  • Watching:  Antiques roadshow reruns.
  • Photo:  Comic Con 2012, They were advertising something.
  • Gratitude’s:  The sun is out.  I’m clean, the sheets are clean, and the books are good.


  1. Sweats all round here. Comfortable for lounging around since we can’t do much else.

  2. I wear pants that zip. I hope never to succumb to sweats. I do hope you get a grant. I can't complain about the cost of my meds any more.

  3. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently in one of several plaid flannel P.J. sets with deep side pockets — top open over one of several blue or yellow short sleeve light weight tops. Was perfect when my furnace was out for a week and I got so I liked the outfits. Have even gone for food pickups in them. I don't think anybody knows the difference.

  4. Sweats and a thick sweater with a hood, and this is indoors. The sweaters comes off at times depending on the hour and whatever is going on in my body.

  5. Due to the cold, jeans, thermal top, thick hoodie and a down vest and that is inside. Today should hit the mid sixties to I will probably ditch the vest and thermal top.

  6. I wear sweats and a hoodie to stay warm inside for the wintertime.

  7. I hauled out my old fleece ski pants when the snow and freezing temps came here. They wash and have pockets. Otherwise sweats and my favorite wool cardigan. Almost bought a dress online today but couldn't figure out where I'd wear it.

  8. same clothes I always wear, tanks or t-shirts and jeans, some with the knees torn out.

  9. An email from my friend Katy:
    The same thing day after day since no one but family sees me except when I go to get the mail…and if it’s not dirty why change clothes. When I get to go to town (oh joy!) I put on nice clean presentable stuff and earrings, which, with mask loops and eyeglass stems, I just barely have room for…
    > At Burning Man Tuesday is TuTu Tuesday…everyone wears tutu’s…like 50,000 people…every color and design…even laggers who forgot to bring a tutu shred plastic bags and tie then on a string around their waists to make “sorta” tutus. Some men wear nothing under their tutus…other people put tutus on their bicycles and art cars…people add tutus to statues on the playa…people dressed like animals still wear tutus…it amusing. Finally have an appt. for my first Covid vaccination shot Thursday.

  10. I try for decent lounge wear until I leave the property. At that point, I wear something nicer. I have always been into jeans, sweaters and various tops. I even put in earrings. I have seven piercings. That is down from 13 when I was living abroad.

  11. I have about 6 tank tops and 4 ratty t-shirts that I’ve been wearing over and over and over. I don’t bother wearing anything nice when I’m locked away at home.




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