May 8, 2021


George is home. 

Oh, there was the usual fuss.  Paperwork, medications…and at a reasonable ten bucks too, wheelchair, and the long wait between each one.  Margot had her car right out in front, and we popped him in with arm raised.  Arm raised attached to an IV stand is the norm now. 

You can find him moving ships around in space today.  He’s found a planet in this game where he can mine huge rewards.  He can play his EVE game one handed, and he is coherent enough to tell me what is happening.  In this case, he has his arm sling attached to a window screen screw.  It may look odd, but it is working.

They say that our healthcare system, Scripps, has been hacked.  Ransomware, and so far a week into this, Scripps is still down.  Our insurance approved G going to out of network UCSD, probably because of the Malware, and so I can let that panic go.  My Monday appointments for a CT scan and an X-ray are cancelled.  I can’t find out for sure about one heart test.  George has no tests for two weeks.

He slept well.  And I bet he will nap well today.  He’s home and healing.


  • <A HREF=>Himself:</A>  Gaming.
  • Myself:  Still on Lasix.  What a disaster.
  • Reading:   Little the last few days.
  • Watching:  Nothing.
  • Photo:  Holland America photographer.
  • Gratitude’s:  George is home and healing.


  1. Wish George the speediest of recoveries and try not to fret too much as it does not help. Easier said than done.

  2. So glad George is home and has been put back together. I imagine he will have some rehab to go through. Wishing him quick healing and all the best.
    That is sickening about the hacking. Good grief.

  3. Welcome home George. May you be well very soon.

  4. good that he's home and his game playing is not compromised.

  5. Glad George is home and recuperating.

  6. Such good news G is home and healing!

  7. George, welcome home. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Best regards
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  8. I read his post and he sounds like he is on the right side of this healing. So sorry. You both seem to be handling the interruption well.

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  10. OH NOOO... Poor George. I'm sorry I haven't been by lately. Believe it or not, I was doing my LAST, ABSOLUTE LAST batch of masks and we've been stuck with a ton of appointments, etc. I'll read on and see what happened.

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