May 3, 2021


                                                        Joleen and her husband, JC, in the fig tree, 1981.

In the heart of Balboa Park is an old Moreton Bay Fig tree.  I, like my friend Joleen, used to sit in the roots while my kids climbed into the branches.  Over the years people carved their names into the tree while other’s so compacted the earth around it that it got little sustenance.  It was being loved to death.

Just a few years ago, the park woke up to the fact that their centerpiece tree was very unhappy.  At first, all they did was put a fence around it.  The people were kept away from this much loved tree.  There must have been an uproar, for now there is a small deck that brings the tree closer to its fans.

No longer looking scraggly and sparse, today the tree has filled out and looks wonderfully healthy.  Next time I will go closer to the tree and read all the plaques and signage.

                                                            The giant Moreton Bay Fig today, 2021.    


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  • Photo:   Top, D DeLlamas, bottom…mine
  • Gratitude’s:  My scooter made it all around yesterday. 


  1. Wonderful that it was saved.

  2. Good that care was taken for the tree. We have an old "treaty oak" that is so protected. An important treaty with First Nations was signed there. The tree has received better care.

  3. Great photos.

    I can’t recall ever seeing a fig tree. A beauty for sure.

  4. Seems a little social distancing was necessary for the tree. What a magnificent looking specimen and it is good it is being protected from its admirers so it can live on and be admired for years.

  5. Wow! That is a huge tree. It reminds me of the banyan trees in Hawaii.



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