July 17, 2021


We will see how much energy I have after I finish this.  With the new “Unvaccinated” Pandemic rushing by us, it is a good thing to stay home today.  One of the side effects of my immunotherapy is anemia.  No wonder I fall asleep at the thought of anything.  I don’t even seem to have enough red blood cells to carry my coffee to my fingertips today.  George really understands, and I so appreciate him.                                                                                                                                                                       My days are focused now on my assorted therapies.  There’s little left but the endless doctor’s appointments, tests and results, and more new doctor’s appointments after the exercises.  I’m not complaining.  I can feel the results.  My brain seems to go no farther than this tho.  Endlessly.


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>  Did laundry yesterday.  Heading back to work at the museum today as a docent.  Very exciting stuff.
  • Myself:  To quilt or not to quilt.  Reading in tandem with Zoe yesterday while Margot and George got Grumpy smogged.  Granddaughter bonding.
  • Reading:  Only two Jackson books left to read in the series.  Darn.
  • Watching:  KPBS:  TGBBS plus 60 Minutes.
  • Photo:   USS Jackson, LCS 6, with George while eating dinner on the bay.
  • Weather:  Sunshine.
  • Gratitude’s:  That sunshine. 


  1. Have another doctors appointment!

  2. Delighted that you are feeling the results. Makes all the aggravation worthwhile.

  3. Napping is good in my opinion.

  4. “I can feel the results,” sounds so hopeful. Time with Zoe sounds wonderful!

  5. endless doctor appointments can get so tedious. that alone would make me tired. one day at a time, moving forward. and results are what counts.

  6. I'm sorry you're having to go through all this, Mage. Hugs to George.
    Our COVID numbers are rising in Hawaii also. But yes, it's pretty much all the unvaccinated. And yet, there are still those people who refuse to get the vaccine.




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