December 22, 2021



It’s a beautiful sunny, cold day.  Winter is upon us, and soon a pair of storms will come rolling through.  I’ll putter around here for the rest of the week feeling heroic as I put the Christmas trimmings away in the tall attic.  I’ve been putting off mending socks, and so that’s another good chore.

They say the rains will come at night, which I think is a shame.   I love watching the rain fall as it blows across my vision at an angle.  We have so little rain here that every bit of it is a bit of a sensation.  Those in the east suffering through snow and sleet and real cold don’t think of our weather in the least dramatic.  I do.  We should have some decent drama here in the next few days.

  • <A HREF=>Himself:</A>   Laundry, bread, and into space.
  • Myself:   Mending and reading.
  • Reading:   The only way to cross.
  • Watching:  Finding our Roots then Saturday Night Live Christmas Special.
  • Photo:   Mine at 2020 Christmas Lights store.
  • Gratitude’s:   That I slept really well.  Lots of fresh air.


  1. Now that I don't have to work, I like the rain.

  2. I smile as I wish you happy viewing of the weather!

  3. I enjoy watching the rain too--and I guess we're really going to get hit for the next week or so. Snow is expected for Christmas!! Funny, when we lived in San Diego and the boys were small, we had to drive to Julian so they could play in the snow. Now we have grandsons, but they're older and not as interested in playing in the snow. Enjoy your rain -- I know it's needed there as well as here.

  4. Had a skiff of now snow added last night, and it is sunny this morning, so it looks very pretty.

  5. Yes, your area of the woods renews with each rainfall much like the desert in Africa. I have been reading the detective series in Botswana by Alexander McCall Smith. It is light and simple and just what I need while trying to get my mind around pandemics and aging, etc.




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