March 31, 2009

Points and Points

G sleeping with two cats on top of him. Quick sketch, 1999.

Himself: Made all the arrangements yesterday.

Herself: Thought all day about the red quilt while sewing borders. Ba still at the morning classes. I’m not thinking tho about this tho. This is good. G warns me she backstabs. I’m keeping a smile on my face, my mouth shut, and my body moving.

Reading: Speer. Ordered a used copy of his Spandau Diaries from Amazon.

Balance: The beauty of the day.

  • Daughter Marie called to say the government will let her slide this semester without working 20 hours with her 12 units and three year old child. She got an office job for the summer tho. Just what she wanted. Progress. We are so proud of her. She quit smoking too. She called a second time to tell me she loved me. She gets points in my book.

  • The quilt. I didn’t like it, so I put off working on it. It’s hard to imagine a red piece of fabric as dead, dull, and flat out boring, but the red quilt fits those parameters. I sewed turquoise, dragon tooth borders yesterday and thought about it. I laid it out. I kept thinking. Not every block was boring, just two. And it was too big which intensified the deadness of the whole. So…..almost at the time G was due home, I started taking the quilt top apart to get those blocks out. To make it smaller. Biggest seam ripping job I’ve ever had.

  • When we bought this place, the mortgage was 7.1 percent, around there somewhere. Great for the bank but not us. A few years later we refinanced down over a point. We felt pretty lucky. G’s been on me to consider refinancing again as the current percentages are around 4.25. Over two points lower.

    He talked with our bank loan person, got the needed forms, filled them out, then there was a long communication gap. He’d call and call and get voice mail. Finally, when straightening out our accounts with a local manager, he was able to mention our communication problems and get things started again.

    Yesterday after filling out the forms on Kinko’s PDF writer, (much better than paying 400 for one), he downloaded them, brought them home, and emailed them to her. We can have a no points loan at 4.?-higher or a 2 point loan at 4.25…..which we went for. We are paying for the inspection today……using the new Visa, and get enough extra to replace the 30 year old, totally worn out, kitchen counters, perhaps dent that front bath which is totally original, get tires, and put a bit into CD’s while paying mortgage and escrow payments in a range we can afford if the worst case scenario happens.

    We both agreed that this seems to be our final refinance on this place.

  • Weight and the Roundies. G’s losing over a pound a week. I remain ten pounds heavier than when I worked despite veggies for breakfast and veggies for snacks. Last night dinner was great, but portion control haunted me. We could have split the potato, cut the salad in half and still been happy. And thinner. I’m just not learning. I growl at myself not catching on to that point as I fight to squeeze into a bathing suit.


  1. It's amazing the money you can save per month with a refinance. We're nudging our daughter to refinance her condo she bought in NY last year. It's a pain in the butt going through the paperwork, but worth it in the end. Good luck.

  2. what a fun sketch! so free! good luck on house and boring red quilt parts! pls, keep drawing! xo c!


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