October 18, 2009

Oh Dear.

Dozing here…..floating away, later……Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..

Himself: Did an estate sale, lunch, worked at the museum, and out to dinner with the Feasters.

Herself: Estate sale, worked at the Discovery shop, dinner with feasters, and home to get sick.

Reading: James Beard Cook books.

Balance: None today.

Three nights ago, I was awake because I was freezing and thought we had moved to Alaska. Two nights ago, I was too hot and threw off the covers. Last night I couldn’t get to sleep.

And here at work, sorting those mountains of things, those great, giant donation piles that arrived this Saturday and every Saturday, I had thought I was just being allergic to the dust. Those sleepless nights I thought the same things. I awoke half dreaming of the cracked 1800’s dishes that were thrown away. We couldn’t sell them. I awoke tossing and turning with a runny nose but feeling fine at four to get up at five.

Nope, it appears that dust may not be the cause. I may have a bit of a common cold….one of those tickle the sinus things that slowly blossoms into something lethal. So far it’s creeping downward only to be thwarted by Zicam and Tylenol. Once I realized that disease be me, I let the dinner friends of yesterday know and the folks we were to visit in LA know too.

I don’t think they will want me either. I certainly don’t tho I refuse to admit the problem or I will be stuck in bed wrapped in comforter warmth with gallons of water and chicken soup by my side. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………..

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  1. So sorry to see you're not feeling well. Damn cold season's starting already I guess. Did you have your flu shots yet? Anyhow, that picture is awesome! Hope you're feeling chipper again real soon.


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