October 17, 2009


G and Grumpy.

Himself: We were both disappointed. Delightful dinner with MB who swooned over the raspberry, shrimp, avocado, salad at Brian’s.

Herself: Knee fractionally better. I guess riding the bike wasn’t a good idea.

Reading: Finished the victoriansims.

Balance: Dinner and conversation. Making arrangements to go see Peter K and Bee in LA on Tuesday.

Click and Clack, the authors of that classic automotive column in the paper and on NPR Car Talk, revised my thinking this morning. No longer do you have to drive modern cars and trucks to blow the carbon out of the pistons, now it is to blow the water out of the exhaust.

Today’s questioner’s sister rarely drives her car. “Cars are designed to be driven,” Click and Clack tell us, but now with modern fuel injection fuel buildup doesn’t happen in the chambers any more. And here I had been thinking that we needed to drive
Grumpy more often to blow those chambers out.

Nope. Now water builds up in the exhaust system.

So this morning, you will find us driving to an estate sale. Clairmont and back to OB should blow a little water out of Grumpy. Later as himself heads to the park, I’ll sort Christmas at the Discovery Shop, head home to OB, to Rudfords for dinner with the Feasters, and back to OB again all of which should leave Grumpy without a puddle in his muffler, fer sure.

Somewhere in there I’ll be looking for those elusive 1950’s turquoise Christmas Tree ornaments. Waterless of course.

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