December 2, 2009


A little of this, and a little of that. 2009.

The Ruthie Gold Star for writing every day in the month of November!

Himself: Applied for the exact job he was doing before at the competition. Went to bogus job fair. Hung lights. Played games. Ate. Meeting. Call from dealer: fan clutch: overheating. Hose fell off: stall and free as part of the last repair. They are keeping Grumpy an extra day to make sure.

Herself: December entry…template et al. Read blogs and took the morning off. Lunch, had jeweler friend fix twisted chain. Errands.

Reading: Finished the Crowel.

Balance: Quiet.

Somewhere mid-year, I decided that we would have a turquoise tree for Christmas. So I began looking for those 1950’s turquoise ornaments I love at estate sales and thrift stores. I even did a bit of ornament shopping and watching on eBay. Entertaining but expensive.

As I found them, they went up into the bedroom storage.

Just after Thanksgiving, I pulled all my finds down to see what I had. I found I had massive amounts of turquoise balls and tear drops….enough for an eight foot tall tree. There were small, incompletely filled boxes, there was a big box filled with almost new ornaments, and there were three boxes of tear drops of late fifties vintage.

Frankly, it was all a little over whelming. But I stuck to my guns….turquoise only.


  1. For only one year? If you still have those ornaments, they might be worth something on Ebay if you are not using them.

  2. I re-read your post and I think I understand that this is for THIS year..Right?

  3. tur kwas . . . lovely sound, word and especially color. i like these tree decorations. now if i could spot a turquoise vessel in the harbor, i'd just be happy. happy begin-the-holidays

  4. Very pretty! I would love to go with a one-color tree, but my family would hang me from the upper limb if I tried.

  5. Turquoise is the Caribbean sea, the sunshine on coral reefs, the colour that makes your heart happy. Good choice.

  6. You have inspired me to start blogging again. So if I need to remember my life one day I can go back and read it.

    I am sure the tree looks lovely with all that blue :)


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