June 15, 2012

Interesting Things

Cars indeed.  2008.

The days are filled with interesting things.  I like that.  A lot actually.

Lenora called.  I was so pleased to hear her voice, I almost cried.  I read my latest poem to the Poetry Group, and they liked it but not as much as the previous one.  And worst of all, I ate too much while trying not to.  I actually left food on my plate just as our favorite waiter gave us free pie. 

After that, it was off to the doctor’s for my shin ding.  Did I say I gained six pounds.  Keep it covered, she told me.  No more letting a scab form.  Silver sulfide goo and Band-Aids…except I’m allergic to them.  Keep the leg elevated above your heart….she’s trying to keep me away from my computer, I can tell.  Then they wrapped it up with some springy like stuff….which slid down my leg as the day progressed.  Drooping bandages are better than drooping drawers any old day.  Back to Band-Aids, scratching, and laughter.

We are thinking about Disneyland too.  They’ve opened the “Cars Land”  Sounds like a good fit for those of us who haven’t been in years.

Daughter Lessa called, several times.  She too has acquired those critters, so for a second day her house is boiled, the daughter treated, she treated, and the toys treated.  She has no sense of humor about this, and I don’t blame her at all especially with her long curly hair.

Except when I’m at work or at the fair, you can find me with my leg up. 


  1. I'm allergic to adhesive too. You can get hypoallergenic tape at a pharmacy. It's expensive, but worth it not to scratch.

  2. I know I missed a post somewhere. You must have been bitten by something. I hate sores. So hard to heal on old bodies. Don't get butt sores sitting with your foot elevated, or DVT. Please. Dianne

  3. Oh, I hope that thing heals up quick. I am trying to think of what kinds of things one can do with the leg up. Knitting lying on one's back is difficult I know, I've tried it. Drawing? Something interesting might result -- perhaps like the cave paintings (only modern subjects, like cars instead of horses and mammoths.)

  4. I fight the food war every day and it wearies me.

    Better do what the doc says with that leg wound. That's the quickest way to be up and at'em again.

  5. I must confess. I ran into the open door of the oven. Kawhang, and I was humbled. Still am almost two weeks later.

  6. Glad you're keeping busy in spite of everything. Heal fast!!!!!

  7. Those wounds that will not heal are such a bother...Hope you find fun things to do though.

  8. Do what the doctors say. IN spite of what you think, they do not want to see you often!

  9. Love your photo!!!

    What do you have? I haven't been able to blog visit lately so I didn't know you'd had this thing happen. I hope it's healing quickly.

  10. I missed out on the leg injury too. Sometimes I do get behind, but what else is new? Glad the leg's better now. Watch out for those oven doors hanging open! :P


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