July 1, 2012

Just like being at home!

The tug Angels Gate tied up at the old LA Ferry Landing which is now the LA Maritime Museum.

Himself:  He didn’t sleep well without me.  Took me out to steak on my return.

Herself: Had a really great time.  Loving being home with G tho.  Still talking about my two days in LA.

Reading:  Nothing.  I have a Crider open.

Balance:  Appreciating home.

It was just a bit warm when I arrived in Downtown LA on Friday. Bee was right there to meet me, and we talked enthusiastically all the way to San Pedro where the temperature was much like home.  There we found ourselves parking right outside the museum doors, and Bee learned of one of the best perks of a handicapped placard - the ability to get a parking place.

When the museum opened, I immediately grabbed the rather small catalogue of the show, http://maritimematters.com/2012/06/stranded-an-exhibit-of-photographs-by-martin-cox/comment-page-1/#comment-17265>Stranded, size probably based on budget constraints.  I also grabbed his well illustrated volume of “Hollywood to Hawaii.”  Then we found the show.   Very powerful stuff.  Some were large black and white images that succeeded in sweeping you away with the drama of these once much loved Ocean Liners.  Bee enjoyed both the show and the Museum itself with its wonderful models and delightful radio person.  She hadn’t known it existed. 

We had lunch at a place I had found…..vegan, excellent, but pricy, and onward to shopping.  Her old favorite thrift shop had disintegrated into a mass of chaos and trash.  What a shame.  Next we fell into a marvelous shop of glitz jewelry that so overwhelmed me that I could barely choose even a pair of earrings. 

Marvelous http://collectibleglitz.com/ >“Collectable Glitz” and it’s delightful owner Eleanor D. Goodchild.

A couple of antique shops.  Vaseline glass for her.  We talked and laughed and had a truly great time.  I took pictures.  J Crew next for a scarf she wanted….on sale.  They sell only to size 14 there.  We gathered up Mikey and did vegan Chinese for supper.  Delicious and almost better than Sipz down here. 

They were in bed by eight their eyes sunk into black rings of tiredness.  I sat up with my book and meds and Kegel’s as late as I could stay awake.  I was very comfortable there.  Delightfully so.  Just like being at home….just no G.


  1. Wonderful! I like it when things work out so nicely and you certainly deserve such.

  2. Awesome!!! I really love the glorious bling!!!!

  3. I'm so glad you're having such a great time. What fun!


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