July 1, 2014


Lap quilt with a wedding ring quilt behind it.  Quilts were turned by a man in gloves or this lady with her stick: SD County Fair, 2014.

Gym, and pool yesterday.  Perhaps I overdid the machines or the weather is changing.  My hands really hurt.  Just pool this morning.  Margot at ten with granddaughter Mohave’s friends and granddaughter and child of a friend.  One said my house looked like her grandmother’s.  I took it as a complement.

Margot took all the purged linens.  The new me got rid of marvelous things and is able to let them go.  The old me couldn’t do that.  Progress.

  • Himself:  Hurt his knee at the fair.  Darn.
  • Herself:  A social morning, lunch, and off to the store for all the things I forgot yesterday.
  • Reading:  Another Beaumont book by JA Jance.  Our hero has finally gotten sober.
  • Balance:  G made the bed and the bedroom looks great.  Living room looks good.  No water but kitchen looks good anyway.  I walk through these rooms and feel good.


    1. Seems I spend most of my life getting rid of things from the closet and rearranging that part of the house...all the rest goes to pot.

    2. Your new header is beautiful, and it sounds like you are doing well. Keep walking, that's my motto lately.


    3. I admire that you keep at your exercise, hope to do better myself.

    4. Making the bed...a great way to start the day. Baking pound cake today. Weird combo of WW and GF. Cancelled the camera capsule for now. I am not fasting five days before surgery when I should be building up my iron.

    5. Mage, when I read your blog I feel like I'm in San Diego with you. I so miss being able to just stop by and visit like we used to do. You realize that you and George are some of the only people I still communicate with who knew me from my youthful days! It's good to have this in my life!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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