July 17, 2014

Once Upon A Time

Hot desert skies.

Once upon a time, far, far away, there was a blogging community behind a high cyber wall.  It was home to many thousands, and it was called Open Diary.  Slowly but surely it began to fail.  Some days it worked, and other days there was silence.  Volunteers tried to help.  Sometimes that worked.  Sometimes that didn’t.  Worst of all, sometimes there were long stretches when no one fixed it at all.

Finally the owner of this first blogging community on the web pulled the plug.  At least the thousands of bloggers knew it was coming.  They saved what they could and ran for alternatives.  Two new blogging homes were designed.  Friends were split between the two.  Sadness reigned.  A few even deserted the new blogs for Blogger and Wordpress.  Cries were heard throughout the land.  None of the old friends would visit out in the big blogging world. 

One day there was silence from one of the new blogs. 

Here is the CruiseMiss blog that has interior, exterior, and a video of the Costa Concordia floating again.


  • Himself:  Happily worked just hunting for money yesterday.  The house was cool.  He lost 1.8 pounds too.
  • Herself:  Worked on a new color piece reminiscent of a Sam Francis kind of work.  Happy at work too.
  • Reading:  Finished the last of the Beaumont pieces.  That was a good book.
  • Balance:  Going to start on the Lois McMaster Boujold Vorkosigan series next.


    1. Well,I am NOT losing weight but my clothes looks a lot better on my, so I am doing something correctly. So who was the blog that left and why? So odd how we get so attached to something as ethereal as a blog community where we will not move on and not make new reader friends. Sorry, by I realize there were friendships and loyalties, but like everything in this world we have to adjust to endings

    2. I know exactly how you feel. Even though I write on WordPress, the numbers continue to dwindle.

    3. Thanks for link to Costa Concordia.

    4. Yes, I miss the old Xanga and have lost track of many of my former blog friends from there.

    5. The blogging heyday has passed but blogging is still a thing.


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