May 27, 2016

A Holiday

We have a semi slow weekend planned.  Today’s the Friday meeting’s monthly potluck BBQ.  That fits in well with the holiday.  I always bring the lettuce, tomatoe, and red onion slices.  G’s cooking this year. 

I’m also bringing bean salad.  G really doesn’t like it, but I flat out love it.  Three to four kinds of beans, minced green pepper and onion, and maybe a little pickle relish to add zip.

Saturday Morning we will have breakfast at a new place with G’s boss, Captain Poolie and her sister Mia. 

A holiday means rest?  Yes?  Later, after I get off work.

Ya know, sometimes my life seems so normal.


  1. I enjoy your attitude of gratitude. Also would like your recipe. Salad sounds great.

  2. Normal is wonderful! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. I love bean salads. Gosh, I haven't made one in a long time. I love the photo of the two of you. Sooooo adorable...

  4. I love bean salad too and I make a red wine vinegar dressing for mine--it also calls for shoestring beets which give the salad a blush red look. I got the recipe from my catering teacher, Mrs. Pauline Allen, who worked for the Union Tribune as a Food Editor before going to work for the Community College District (or maybe she worked both jobs at the same time, I don't remember). I made the decorated cake for her retirement party. Never forget that woman... excellent instructor.

  5. I love doing fun things, but I certainly appreciate, perhaps even more, the ability to just kick back and relax. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  6. The food sounds delicious and I love your tresses.


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