July 15, 2018


Peter in front of a wall sculpture.

We were invited up to Peter Knego’s home to see the latest installation.  Abstract flat discs now surround a light fixture as they once did on the PACIFIC PRINCESS…the Love Boat.  Thanks to Peter, they live again as do many other works of art, furniture, ceramics, silver, fittings, and all the small things that caught his eye.  You can see them on his site “Midship Century.”

On his site we are told, “Midship Century was founded in 2005 by ocean liner historian and journalist Peter Knego as a logical outlet for the container loads of materials he salvaged from a long procession of celebrated vessels scrapped on the beach of Alang, India in recent years. Many, such as Sun Line's STELLA SOLARIS, were fitted out with important designer furniture and valuable artwork, while others, such as the former Cunard Liner IVERNIA, were unchanged relics filled with mid-1950s and early 1960s fixtures and furnishings.”
Two chairs and a cocktail table from the SS UNITED STATES.

Two Chairs from the AUGUSTUS the running mate to the ANDREA DORIA.

So much of the art work he salvaged is flat out stunning work.  From the glorious, glowing mural in the living room to the rich images of Egypt in the dining room, one is swept away by the art and the work it took to salvage it all. 

All the woods came from the liner’s rooms.  All the lights too.

My favorite has always been this large pastel work on Melamine that now lives in Peter and his partner, Mike’s, downstairs half bath.
Detail of two panels by Enrico Paulucci.
Lunch was perfection.  I kept thinking about how brave Peter was to climb the sides of these beached ships to find and save these bits of history for us all.  He doesn’t do well with heights.  No cruise company has shown interest in the art or sculpture from their past, but a crowd of us who love these old ships gathered to talk and eat.  Thank you so much for the delightful meal with cake and cookies too.

You can watch Peter climbing onto these wonderful old liners on his latest video:

You can read about these historic liners:

You can follow his adventures on the more modern ships on his Facebook page or Martin Cox’s:


  1. Love the header photo Mage.

    I often wondered what happened to everything on thos huge ships. Amazng so much is abandoned. How wonderful someone cares enough to slavage some of it.

    1. Much of it is in storage with Peter. It's wonderful.

  2. I had no idea. So much beauty left to rot, decay. My thrifty, daughter of depression era parents is aghast. The cost of salvage could not possibly exceed the market value. Etcetcetc. Kudos to these men and their valiant work. Thanks for all the pictures. The furniture is straight from my childhood.

  3. Peter has many storage rooms and his garage filled with beautiful things. I certainly agree with you.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, those are super special. The United States is now a bare bones hull, but we still have a few treasures like that with us.

  5. I sit here with my mouth gaped open -- such unbelievable beauty preserved for the future. I was awed and at the same time wondered how anyone with a conscience could bear to use such treasures. The glass pieces on the kitchen counter were eye candy for someone like myself who utterly loves art glass. Gads, what a wonderful experience you had -- and to have such a generous friend who shares your love of the big ships is a blessing. I'm afraid I would have to have someone walk around with me, gently closing my mouth every now and then... LOL true magnificence. I wonder just now whether I would be as awed if I'd ever been on a cruise. No telling... for I don't see myself taking a cruise now, or in the future. Thank you for sharing this...

    1. How about two days aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Top it off with a dinner in Winstons. You both would enjoy it all. :)

  6. I love the wood! Fascinating items that have been salvaged.

  7. What treasures...and how lovely he is willing to share them.

  8. What amazing furniture and art works. No telling what would have happened to them had not Peter saved them. Kudos.


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