June 8, 2020

ORTS 126

·         Trying to learn Windows 10, a new computer, and new programs all at once has been enlightening.  So far, I have ascertained that I don’t need to have my pictures hosted on Blogger’s new template.  It may seem complicated: take image, put it in a well-marked file, put it on a host program, and get the host address from the host program.  I have been doing it this way since I joined Blogger.  My backup blog is on Prosebox.  It Needs a Host.  Then again, I have a blog on Needy-Wordpress too.  I can’t find that one though.  If you don’t get a note from me, I either pressed the wrong button, or the template demands a name and Password I don’t have handy.
·         Tabor wrote an interesting entry today about neighbors.  Our buildings weren’t designed to encourage neighborliness at all.  We all enter and leave out our garage doors.  After 23 years, we at least wave hello though we don’t know their names.  This neighborhood used to be totally Conservative…actually our whole city used to be Conservative.  We lean to the left now, and I was thinking that many of my neighbors might not really want to know us if they knew us.  Ah, reality.
·         The new 42 units across the street are having their AC units lifted to their roofs by a large, noisy, crane.  Even cement mixers are quieter.
·         The plants have been watered.  Thanks G.  The covers moved up on the bed.  George has been beating himself at Spider Solitaire with a win score of 11,111.  The laundry is done and put away, and the meatloaf sliced and ready for sandwiches.  What more could one want from the start of a day. 

·         -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                            Himself:  Considering pulling said vee-hickles out and making me a little box to stand on to get into bed.

        Myself:  Now I can’t find the link to the new blogger.  Now I can't turn off the HTML Setting.
  •       Reading:  Still reading the Gunther mystery.
  •       Gratitude:  That G is doing so well. 
  •       Photo:Union Station LA.  Using thhis shot as my new cover photo on my computer.


  1. Construction can be such a nuisance to the neighbours. A sign of prosperity though?

  2. I used to back up everything on Wordpress, but have been too lazy in the last year or more. I wish there was an easy way to do it.

  3. Please do not give up because I will miss reading your blog. I go here after I get through blogging. I am so sorry your comment disappeared. I am sure it was intuitive and wise! Maybe G can help with the new blogger. It is the same as the old blogger, just everything is given a new icon and moved to a different area of the page. I am sure the programmers found this useful, too bad the users don't!

  4. Rubbermaid makes a nice little stepstool. I have one I keep in the garage; have had it for years. You're sounding so much better... Huge hugs of happiness to you! Have a great day today!

  5. I admire you for even attempting Windows 10. Good luck.




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