June 17, 2008

Off and Paddling

August 1983, I’m at work at the Mission Beach Plunge, 5th from left, teaching Adapted Swimming for Mesa College.

G: Was kind and came to the doc’s with me, and to the Peninsula Y to keep me company while I joined.

G’ette: Still has a hip, still feeling better but with a bit of what ever himself had yesterday. Open Diary down, darn it.
  • Since the symptoms were relieved by the shot, yes, arthritis plus a few more bits in that hip. Only get worse. Ride the bike, join the Y and take water aerobics, and get a personal trainer. Now that I am not working, things should be better and this could postpone any surgery indefinitely.

  • You would laugh. I’m rueful. I now have bulges where before there were only gentle slopes. I have giant droops where there were only bulges. My bathing suits all still fit. Despite me. Now I am one of those fat old ladies in the early morning pool classes.

    I never paid a lot of attention to those women when I was working as a pool aide or teaching. Shallow, that was me. Not sober in the early years either. Sober but working from seven in the mornings till nine in the later years, but I knew all those little old ladies were in the pool.

  • I have leapt into retirement despite myself. Writing class, poetry workshop, now water aerobics. This last week, I discovered just over the hill, the San Diego Watercolor Society. Maybe I can go find out about their classes. Maybe. Did I mention housekeeping, cooking, and laundry? Maybe.


  1. Love the picture of the pool. Almost makes me want to jump in again. I didn't learn to swim until I was 47. Spent several years afterward swimming like crazy--30 laps at a time. Finally got so bored I felt like I was hallucinating and gave it up. Occasionally I consider going to water aerobics.

  2. retirement sounds grand!



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