June 29, 2009

Oh, Me of Little Guilt

AA Towing Tonka Truck found at the swap meet; May, 2009.

Himself: Counting the days: Tomorrow….but he is home sick today, cough, cough…… By the way: he collects toy tow trucks. Did I mention this?

Herself: Cleaned and waxed the Elna. Found….after a firm search, the two manuals to go with the machine. I’ll take it with me today. Monday’s used to be my day off. Not now. Swim, Alanon till afternoon, home to a new dishwasher this afternoon. There will be a point this week when I can get that Red Quilt quilted…she says crossing her fingers.

Reading: Only one more Dresden to go. They’ve mostly kept my interest all the way through.


We were lazy this weekend.

We always walk. This weekend, we didn’t. We usually go to the bay……we did not. We walk at the swapmeet, this weekend we did not. While he works at the Automotive Museum, I walk. The world conspired against us this weekend, and we ate instead of walking.

Did I mention that I feel fat and wide and older than usual?

I who used to walk to school when I was a kid, I who used to walk to work as an adult, have walking burn out. But I keep on walking. The problems are, first the doctor told me not to walk. So I didn’t and went downhill rapidly panting if I tried to climb even a short flight of stairs. Now I potter along calling it walking tho it really isn’t. I mix it with water aerobics three days a week, and I don’t’ pant any more. This week I skipped the sauntering.

I’ve been grabbing every free moment to play instead of walk. I have an excuse for every missed footstep. I don’t feel a bit of guilt……until I pant. And too, sometimes I can laugh at myself.

Today I will swim, he will walk, and we will meet in the middle. Yes, the M&M’s were delicious as was the wonderful, magical cannoli at Felipe's.

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  1. I have not been walking like I used to with Daisy. She is not able becuase of some knee problems and a surgery that will be soon. i find it hard to motivate to go alone.



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