June 30, 2009

Swimmingly Tomorrow

A colored journal page of fish and seaweed...one of a double page spread. The murals I did flanking the baby pool were based on this illustration. Size: 11x14. Media: felt pens: 1984.

Himself: Counting the days: Today is the last day. He dressed professionally.

Herself: More Ba at the pool yesterday before an Alanon meeting. It was suggested I take another look at my mother in relationship to Ba.

Postcard Blog: Something burped in the Blogger programming, and my header photo no longer fits. It doesn’t really fit this template either, but a photo in this new template is better than a floating image in the old template.

Reading: The last Dresden I have at hand.

Balance: Taking advice.

Tugster started this. He and a few other notable bloggers in New York each wrote multi-blog pieces on “Robin Knox Johnson” in April. Now they are writing a multi-blog piece on swimming.

Now I am not a very watery person, tho I seem to have spent more of my life in and on the water then doing art, but they asked me to take part. It’s been fun to write about swimming. How did I learn to swim? What did I have to do with swimming……Oh, I pushed dust around the pool and scrubbed away the ring. What do I have to say about swimming? I have more to say about swimming than I thought I would.

Would you like to write something about swimming and let me know? I’ll let Tugster know.

Tomorrow is the day to post.

The children waiting out in front of The Plunge for swimming lessons to begin. Double page journal spread. Size; 11x14x2. Media: colored pencil; 1984.


  1. I love the journal page. But if I had done that it would have taken me all day, and the journal page would have to be about the journal page.

  2. LOL

    It did probably take me all day to do back in the 1980's. :)

  3. That's beautiful, that journal page. I wish I had time to write about swimming, but I can't seem to keep up anymore with anything. Man, I wish I could paint and draw and make journal pages like that!

  4. Oops, I forgot to ask about the white rectangle on the right side. Is it supposed to be blank?



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