September 30, 2009

Drag and Drop

The STAR OF INDIA freshly out of drydock. 2009.

Himself: Swim and interview. Work on his little boxes.

Herself: Bike, drag and drop, then school. Salad out for dinner.

Reading: Nothing….an absolutely mind boggling thing. I need to go to the library.

Balance: Getting the backup computer freed from the repair shop and starting the process of transferring the files to the new backup computer.

Yesterday the massive deletions went quite well. Over ten folders were deleted from my photohost, and hundreds of pictures went into the trash. Oh, I still have the pictures. They are right over there on my recently restored backup computer, but I am never going to use them here. So out they went.

Now to drag and drop all the many years of saved images to the new backup with its 1000 TB hard drive. To make matters complicatedly simple, since the network only recognizes a certain number of computers, this morning between biking sessions I’m dragging and dropping JPG’s over to the new Vista IBM. Later G will reinsert the new-to-me XP backup, and I will drag and drop all those JPG’s and all that writing over there.

Yes, a duplication of actions, drag it here, drag it there, delete here or there too. The limitations of our network are nothing in comparison to living without a network.

This is a very old, tired, beyond dinosaur that I am downloading from also. Will the overheating chips keep chipping. Will the extra fans keep on fanning. It’s a computer that’s recently been known to buck off the rider into the mud with a certain frequency. The JPG’s from 2007 are taking 40 minutes to drag and drop over to the new computer. That’s a lot of JPG’s. Imagine what will happen when I get to 2008, or even the writing. I just have hopes that my wonderful old dinosaur holds up to these last few actions.

Sixteen minutes now for 2007. Now thirteen….

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  1. sounds to me like you don't have enough to do, lady. I think you ought to write a coffee table book with the beautiful ship photos you have. They're all so beautiful. I might even buy a copy. You could do that in between quilting and painting and blogging. How do you do it all!!!! But I'm glad you do.


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