September 29, 2009

Cleaning House

Himself: Swim and a job interview which was postpned till tomorrow.

Herself: Bike and Bee plus everything else.

It’s like cleaning out the closet or scrubbing a floor on your hands and knees. In times of stress, I always do deep cleaning. Today I note that I have ten thousand five hundred pictures on my photohost Snapfish that I never use, that I have never used, and that I will not consider using.

It’s time to do deep cleaning on Snapfish.

I keep having this fear that some great voice from the sky will lean down and tell me that I can never upload anything to Snapfish again as I have gone over my limit.* Here I am supposedly writing a poem for Thursday’s poetry group, and so far all I have done is delete photos. Perhaps I should be writing about deleting instead of about action.

If you want me, I will be leaping with joy at my lower JPG footprint while The Geeeee-zer leaps about his higher computer footprint.

Why be logical. Maybe we just need to go to Disneyland.

* There is no limit that I know.

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  1. sounds good to me! btw, the new posting comments scheme seems to be working well so far!


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