September 18, 2009

Friday Lite

Juneau. So very overworked, but I am learning and like doing it. Size: about 2 feet x 3 feet. Media: Watercolor and waxed based pencil.

Himself: Just doesn’t do networking, and to get a job now one must network.

Herself: Looking forward to today and tomorrow.

  • The Poetry Group: JJ and I have been alternating car pool chores to take local poets up to MB’s house. The last few weeks, I have been taking Gem to the gathering by herself so JJ can stay later or not come at all. I so worry about Gem now that I have ridden with her and talked with her. I’ve committed to pick her up and take her home. She doesn’t want to stay long…in truth, she can’t. Her heart medication upsets her stomach….no she hasn’t told her doctor, and another medication leaves her too tired to do much. An hour out in the world with a group of fellow poets equals too much these days. I understand. Then, to compound the felony, as she fades, her poetry grows stronger.

  • Jean9 called us from her nursing home. I know she is in fragile condition, but boy was it a joy to hear her voice. Now we know some news, we will go visit….and get her phone number….all those details.

  • As she cut six good inches off my hair, the manager commented on how astute I seemed to be in the shop. “You notice things,” she said. Translating this, it probably means that I have been saying too much again in my enthusiasm. Hair; it feels delightfully lighter. Younger. G says it is an excellent cut. I’m smiling.

  • The appointment book: This weekend it looks as if we need an appointment secretary. Today it tells me that first we swim then G is going to go teach a friend to use his computer to job hunt at 0930. I leave for the shop at 0930. We will both be home around two. There’s the big quilt show downtown today at the convention center. I can’t see us making the quilt show but I’d like to try. Saturday: We go downtown at nine, sail with the Maritime Museum and shoot guns at another antique ship noon to four; dinner out somewhere. Sunday: A quiet day; we visit Jean9, and meet on top of Mount Soledad for a Biz Meeting at 1730. The quilt show is over on Saturday. Darn


  1. So busy! I LOVE the watercolor. Absolutely love it! I will have to go find those pictures of your new hair cut, I am sure you will make me smile. You always do!

  2. I may have missed something. Did you paint that watercolor? It's really beautiful.

    (and your hair really does look good)

  3. oh! beeeeeeeautiful watercolor! more more please!!! Good luck to G!


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